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Hola! Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin My Readers and my back boned (kalau bukan, taklah hidup blog Sakura neh) 🙂 Back to my tajuk. #ntahsape2ntah ni adalah retis zaman kini. Company… Continue reading

Diana Danielle Hamil?

  Source : Farid Kamil FB Hurmm…. 2 fast 2  furious. BTW, Congrats for both of them. Rezeki from Allah we never know. 🙂 *hugs*

Saying the right thing

After a Saturday night party the husband returned home late at night heavily drunk. Next day he woke up late with hangover. He could hardly remember how he reached home and was scared… Continue reading

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    I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
    But Ive got to get a move on with my life
    Its time to be a big girl now
    And big girls don't cry...

    The path that I'm walking
    I must go alone
    I must take the baby steps until I'm full grown
    Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, do they
    And I foresee the dark ahead if I stay